Monday, September 20, 2004

Save Our Souls

My third post for the day. This is a bad sign.

Here's what you could do. Sit beside me and let's be quiet for a couple of hours. Let the afternoon join us and siya na ang magsalita.

Back in college, during Sundays, I would walk around the grassy fields of the Ateneo. My long, white skirt would fly up. No one would see me, in the middle of that field. I would feel the wind between my legs, the sharp grass and dry soil under my bare feet. My flats in my hands. When clouds would pass, I would lie down and disappear. Bugs would find me and think I am part of the landscape. I would write poetry in the sky.

I would be the luckiest girl in the world if rains fell.

Sometime this week, after work, I'll be taking the MRT to QC, carrying lots of cash. Pray that I don't get robbed. I hate this damned metropolis. Sana makasabay ko si Clark Kent.