Monday, September 20, 2004

You Are Watching HBO

I'm at work and I'm surfing for apartments in Canada. I wish I can move there. Maybe I can apply as a skilled immigrant. Will I be able to leave everything behind?

It would be a good escape to just cut off all ties to the Philippines, start over, and disappear, only to reappear as someone else. Right now, I am at work, but my mind is somewhere else.

I am still stressed about money. I borrowed some money from a friend and I'm paying her back today. I have to withdraw 13,000 pesos from my measly savings and give it to her. When will I give it? Sana next month na lang. After payday. When I can breathe.

I'm trying to do my work, but money bugs me, and I try to ignore it. I end up flying in the clouds. Often, when I am at home, alone in my room, I touched myself under the glow of HBO. An orgasm is like free, instant massage.